What do you do if you have a static problem with your floors?

Do you or your employees often complain that they have problems with static in the workplace? If so, what can you do to prevent this? Not a problem is the answer – apply one of our anti-static floor paints or our anti-static PVC Floor Tile Systems.

So, of course you want to know more? We recommend our Anti-Static Floor paint A40.

This is a single pack, water based, static dissipative acrylic floor paint. A bit of a mouthful we know but as they say…….." it does what it says on the tin!!" This is an effective method of grounding personnel and preventing static build up, which in some production areas is paramount. It is suitable for use in Electronics Production areas, Clean Rooms, Computer Storage Rooms, Pharmaceutical Environments, Warehousing and areas when Solvents or Explosives are handled. It's also a relatively inexpensive solution. It is water based, easy to apply, easy to clean and is quite durable. It has good chemical resistance and comes in a satin finish.

Maintenance personnel don't have to have specialist knowledge of flooring systems to apply this product as it can be “roller applied". With all flooring projects however, preparation is the key to a good finish and this product must be laid on a prepared, clean, dry surface. If the floor has not previously been coated then it will need to be primed first. The best product for this is our FS Epoxy Primer (or FS Epoxy Primer Fast Cure).

As regards colour, the A40 comes in Light Grey which is very close to RAL 7035, Red (RAL 3011) Blue (RAL 5002) and Green (RAL 6002).

As this is an anti-static product “earthing" is required. This is achieved by using an adhesive backed copper tape (supplied with the paint) fixed to the surface prior to painting the floor at the edge of the wall. The tape is then run up the wall to connect with a grounding point.

An alternative to the A40 Anti-Static Floor Paint is our ESD Polyurethane E30 Floor Paint. This does the same as the A40 paint but unlike the A40, this is a two-pack water based static dissipative, polyurethane paint. This means that it is even more durable and has resistance to a wider range of chemicals. It has a low odour when applied which is important in many environments and comes in a semi-gloss finish, in the light grey. Earthing is the same as for the A40 paint. As you would expect the price is higher.

And the technical stuff……………for surface resistance and resistance to ground both A40 and E30 conform to all current Specifications including IEC 61340-5-1/2 and MILB81705C.

Another solution is to install our anti-static or full ESD interlocking tile systems. These are not currently on our website but if they are likely to be of interest please give us a call to discuss them. They are more expensive than floor paint but are extremely durable and will last many years.

A note………..as with any anti-static product, application of these types of systems are often only part of the solution and specialist footwear, clothing etc may be required for all areas.

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