What can we use to coat our metal perimeter fence as this is beginning to rust?

A simple quick solution is to rub the fencing down with a stiff metal brush and ensure it is clean and dry and apply Rustoleum CombiColor. This is a very good single pack metal paint, available in "smooth", hammertone", "satin", "matt" and "wrought iron" finishes and gives good coverage in a single coat. There is an large range of colours in "smooth". For greater longevity it can be primed with Rustoleum CombiPrimer or two coats can be used. For small areas it is also available in aerosols. For greater durability use CombiPrimer Anti-Rust prior to applying the CombiColor

What surface preparation is required to paint metal?

This will depend on the type of metal, the degree of corrosion (if applicable), the location of the building or structure and the life you wish to get out of the coating. Some coatings can be applied over surface rust, some over new or slightly rusted steel and some over new or blasted steel. More protection is required on properties close to the coast or for structures within or adjacent to chemical plants. Refer to individual product details or call us for advice.

Should we use a primer before applying a topcoat?

Use of a primer will generally extend the lifetime of any coating and is therefore recommended if time and costs permit.

Can coatings be applied to any metal structure or object?

Yes. However it will depend on the type of metal as to which is the most suitable and whether a primer is required. Some will require anti-rust primers, adhesion primers, zinc primers, etc. Refer to individual product details for more information or call us for advice.

Are water based metal coatings available?

Yes. Mathys Peganox and Noxyde are both water based and can be used for a wide variety of applications.