What should I use for line marking?

You can use line marking tape, line marking paint or spray aerosol systems.

  • We supply two very good tapes - FS Permastripe and FS Resilient Tape and a range of anti-slip tapes. We do not supply cheap, poor quality tape.
  • The best solution for a paint system is our FS Epoxy Line XXB, solvent free, two pack epoxy paint. This is thicker than most epoxy coatings and will give better finish in a single coat. See our advice sheet "General Advice for the Application of FS Line Markings"

How do I get my line markings straight and secure?

For tape one person should fix one end to the floor and another should pull the tape out to the full length of the line required, pull it tight and gently lower it to the floor. A small roller, like a wallpaper roller, can be used to run the length of the tape to ensure it adheres well. For a coating system low tack masking tape or duct tape should be used to mark the line required in the same way as for tape, with two lines put down in parallel. Once all tape is applied mix the paint and apply, removing the tape as you go. Failure to remove the tape as you go will result in some bleeding of the paint under the tape.

What preparation do I need to complete prior to applying lines?

For tape the floor should be thoroughly clean prior to application. For paint it is best if this is applied the following day to the application of new floor coatings, as it is extremely difficult to prepare the floor properly to apply line marking paint. The paint used should be compatible with the floor coating, i.e. use an epoxy for an epoxy floor, a polyurethane coating for a polyurethane floor and an alkyd coating for an alkyd floor. If applied to an older floor ensure the floor is spotlessly clean prior to application, perhaps giving it a wipe with solvent (we supply FS Tool Cleaning Solvent) to remove any oily deposits and allow the solvent to flash off prior to applying the coating.