Can I put a resin coating on the walls?

Yes. We can supply a number of products specifically designed for walls. Our two part FS Epoxy Wall Coating is a water based product and is an economical solution if a durable two part system is required, alternatively Rust-Oleum Biosan Aqua Plus includes BACTRON to assist in the control of superbugs. There is also a single pack version, Biosan Aqua that is also very good. Rust-Oleum 8300 system, consisting of primer and topcoat is a mould resistant system and can be used down to -10°C.

What can I use on a damp wall?

Mathys Durbocem is particularly designed for use on damp walls and cellars. Also Rust-Oleum 5090 Anti-Condensation Coating is ideal for areas with discontinuous steam or water vapour formation.

Have you a durable wall coating that will withstand very regular cleaning?

Two pack resin products are the most durable. We can supply FS Epoxy Wall Coating or Rust-Oleum Biosan Aqua Plus (this contains BACTRON for the control of superbugs).

Have you a product that is hygienic that you would recommend for hospital walls, that is hygienic and easy to clean?

We can supply FS SteriCoating which contains a biocide and is ideal for hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical use, etc. This is a single pack coating but will withstand cleaning, is easy to use and economical. Rust-Oleum manufacture Biosan Aqua or Biosan Aqua Plus. Both of these products contain BACTRON which helps to control superbugs and are also ideal. Biosan Aqua Plus is a two pack epoxy coating which makes it particularly durable when cleaned very regularly.

What preparation is required before we apply a resin coating to our walls?

See the relevant data sheet for the product to be used, however generally the walls should be clean and dry with no flaking paint and should be lightly sanded to give a key. As with any decorating project good preparation will help to ensure a successful application.

Have you a suitable coating for a spray booth that can be peeled off when it gets soiled?

We supply peelable coatings for both walls and floors. These are CTS C200 for the walls and CTS C240 for the floors. They should be peeled off and replaced at least once a year.