What is the most durable product for repairing my concrete floor?

  • Epoxy repair mortars are more durable than cement based products. Our FS Epoxy Repair Mortar is very durable and comes in standard, fast cure and cold cure versions. See our advice document "General Advice for Repairing Floors with FS Repair Products".
  • We also supply a number of Rust-Oleum and Mathys products. These include epoxy mortar, deep fill epoxy mortar, epoxy fine crack repair, epoxy putty. They also have a number of cementitious products including Mathys Pegacrete and Rust-Oleum 5150 Speedpatch, which are very easy to use and are fine for many applications.

What should we use for filling small cracks in our concrete floor?

Rust-Oleum"s EpoxyShield Fine Crack Repair Mortar is ideal for this.

What should we use for repairing large areas of concrete floor?

It will depend on the level of repair required. For very large areas of "tired" concrete a cementicous pumped screed such as Basecoat Rapid SL can be considered (we can recommend a specialist contractor for this) or for smaller areas we it can be hand applied. For patch repairs our range of FS Epoxy Repair Mortars are ideal. Once repaired it may be beneficial to coat the floor with an epoxy coating, such as FS Epoxy Coating to improve the appearance and help to preserve the floor finish.

What should we use on a weak sand and cement screed?

Our FS Epoxy Binder will penetrate the surface of the screed and strengthen this. Consider the traffic and loadings that will be on the floor. If the floor has a very heavy duty application it may be better to remove the screed and replace it with structural concrete. This can then be protected with an epoxy coating.