What should we use to seal our unpainted brickwork?

We can supply Mathys Secco Super (solvent based)or Secco Hydro (water based) which are colourless water repellent coatings that are water vapour permeable.

What should we use for a building with a number of cracks to prevent further damage and keep water out?

We can supply Mathys Murfill Waterproofing Coating. This is permeable to water vapour, is 400% elastic and will bridge minor cracks. It is an extremely effective solution.

Metal Cladding

What can we use to coat our Plastisol cladding as this is beginning to rust and is looking "tired"?

Mathys Noxyde is an excellent coating for this. It is water based and spray applied. The spray will turn to powder within a metre of application so that cars etc will not get sprayed and damaged. This is a specialist application and we can recommend a contractor to apply this if required. Alternatively Mathys Peganox has a similar formulation but is generally brush or roller applied. Either product can also just be used for edge lapping as this is the area where Plastisol begins to fail. These products are also suitable for roofs. Rust-Oleum Metal Cladding Primer and Topcoat is also a good option.