General Advice for Application of FS Line Markings

It is essential to read the relevant data sheets and follow the instructions. We also recommend you read the following before proceeding with applying line markings. If you require assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.

Preparation Advice

General Notes: It is essential that all areas to be coated are thoroughly clean and do not have any flaking paint prior to applying lines.


If epoxy lines are to be applied onto your new epoxy floor coating these should ideally be applied the day after application of the coating, or at least within 7 days. All epoxy coatings take 7 days for the full cure (approx 98% after 24 hours, dependant on temperature) and the sooner they are applied within this time the better the chemical bond. If lines are to be applied onto an older coating it is not practical to prepare the floor first, other than very thoroughly cleaning (and perhaps a solvent wipe if the area is oily).

Marking Out

Lines are generally applied at either 50mm or 75mm wide but any width can be chosen to suit your requirements. Having thoroughly cleaned the floor apply masking tape to each side of the required line. Two people are required to set out the lines. One should put one end of the tape on the floor and the other walk to the other end of the required line pulling the tape with him as he goes. The tape should be pulled taut and placed on the floor in the required position. This will give a perfectly straight line. A second strip of masking tape should be applied in exactly the same way, being placed at whatever width you choose. If it is not parallel first time lift the tape and try again. The tape should be firmly affixed to the floor for the full length – the easiest way is to use a small wallpaper roller! Mark out all lines before proceeding any further.


It is essential to read and follow the instructions for the relevant DATA SHEET. When products are delivered store them indoors, ideally at a temperature of 15 to 25C as this temperature range is the best for application purposes. Coatings should not be applied in very cold conditions as they will be more difficult to apply, and if the concrete slab is too cold may take a long time to cure. Please refer to the relevant data sheets for further information. It is essential that the area to be coated is completely dry, and any water or oil leaks are sorted prior to application of the coatings.

Organise the product and mixing station.

You will require the following:

  • Plastic sheeting or cardboard to mix on
  • A slow speed drill and mixing paddle
  • Paint brushes of suitable width (or 4 inch roller frame and rollers – rollers can be cut down to reduce product wastage). Brushes and rollers are not re-usable so make sure you have enough.
  • Paint tray (not required if using brushes)
  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses for the person mixing
  • Solvent or white spirit for cleaning up spills.

Use a slow speed drill and paddle to mix materials. A stick is not suitable! The product should be mixed until a homogeneous solution is obtained.

NB: Inadequate mixing will mean that the product will not cure.

Once mixed the product should be applied to the floor as quickly as possible as there is a short usable time or 'pot life' – this time will be less the higher the temperature of both the product and the work area. (Data sheets give an indication of the pot life at 20C.) Use FS Epoxy Line XXB. The masking tape should be removed immediately following the application of the coating. It is best if one person applies the coating and a second pulls up the tape immediately behind him. Rubber gloves are essential for the person pulling up the tape and care should be taken not to get resin on exposed skin.

After Care

To ensure the best life out of your new floor and lines it is important to look after it properly. Dragging pallets etc across the floor will significantly shorten its life. Use of heavy duty cleaning pads will also abrade the floor. White or red pads should be used for daily maintenance. Green pads can be used on an occasional basis where there is heavy marking or soiling. Black pads should not be used. Please refer to our separate instructions on cleaning resin floors for further information. There are separate documents for cleaning by mop or with a scrubber drier.

If possible new floors should only be cleaned with water for the first 7 days. After this time a good proprietary floor cleaner should be used.

Disposal of Containers and Unused Product Please ensure that containers are empty, and that if there is any unused product that you need to dispose of, that this is mixed to render it inert prior to disposal.

Alternative Solution

Line marking tape is available. We can supply FS Permastripe and FS Resilient Line Marking Tape which are particularly good tapes.

If different coloured coatings are used for aisles and general floor areas a line may not be important. Should you require any additional advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

The above notes are for guidance only and First Solution Supplies cannot guarantee a project's success due to situations beyond their control.

Should you require an experienced contractor to apply a coating system (or SL or screed systems) we can arrange this.

We can also supply floor, metal, wall and roofing products and services.

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