First Solution Online supply a wide range of products for facilities managers, building managers, contractors, etc. to maintain their facilities. Among the products supplied are:

Our Products

Anti-Slip Products

  • Anti-slip tread covers - to fully cover step and stair treads to create a safe slip resistant finish both outside and inside
  • Anti-slip nosings - to fit to the edge of steps and stairs to create a slip resistant edge and highlight that there is a step
  • Anti-slip luminous nosings - luminous version of anti-slip nosings for dark locations for added safety
  • Anti-slip landing covers to compliment our tread covers
  • Anti-slip flat plate to provide slip resistant surfaces for all types of flat surfaces
  • Anti-slip bolt down strips to fix to steps and stairs
  • Timbergrip anti-slip convex strips for fixing to wooden bridges, decking, etc
  • Timbergrip infill grips for decking that has specifically designed to take these
  • Anti-slip tape and cleats, tjo include standard, coarse and 'glow in the dark' grades, for all sorts of areas
  • Conformable grade ant-slip tape and cleats specifically designed for chequer plate and other difficult 'non flat' surfaces
  • Aquasafe tape for use with bare feet, e.g. for use in leisure centres and swimming pools
  • Anti-slip coatings - both two pack epoxy and single pack products
  • Fibreglass gratings for a wide variety on industrial applications in food, pharmaceutical, chemical plants, etc.
  • Tactiles for indicating potential hazards to visually impaired people
  • Adhesive and fixings for all of the above

Floor Coatings & Repair Products

  • Epoxy coatings, to include anti-slip and fast curing options to provide a durable finish for a wide variety of applications, including engineering, food, drink, distribution, etc. Brands include our own label FS coatings which are of very high quality and very competitive, Mathys and Rust-Oleum
  • Polyurethane two pack coatings from Rust-Oleum
  • Single pack coatings and sealers for concrete floors
  • ESD (anti-static) coatings for use in electronics, assembly, etc
  • Peelable coatings for spray booths, etc.
  • Coatings for tarmac and asphalt
  • Primers to enhance the longevity of floor coatings, including penetration primers, liquid damp proof membranes, powerfloat primers
  • Floor repair mortars, including three pack epoxies and cementitious products
  • Joint fillers for expansion joints
  • Cleaners and Degreasers

Line Markings

  • Very durable PVC line marking tape
  • Slip resistant line marking tape
  • Aqua and 'glow in the dark' slip resistant tape
  • Line marking coatings and aerosols
  • Stencils 1-9, A-Z plus 'instruction' stencils, e.g. 'no parking' and 'forklift trucks'

Inter-locking Floor Tiles

  • Inter-Lock 7mm thick open joint floor tiles for heavy duty use including where fork lifts and pallet trucks in very regular use
  • Inter-Lock 6mm thick hidden joint tiles for offices and most areas with a flat finish
  • Ultra heavy duty 10mm thick tiles for very heavy duty applications
  • Ramp sections and accessories for all of the above

Wall Coatings


  • Hygiene coatings, including single pack and two pack products containing biocides for use in hospitals, food production, laboratories, etc
  • Peelable coatings for spray booths
  • Specialist finishes for damp sufaces
  • Coating for cold rooms and freezers
  • Anti-condensation coating


  • Waterproofing coatings
  • Anti-graffiti coatings and cleaners
  • Damp wall paint

Metal Coatings & Primers

  • Single pack metal primers and coatings, including sprayable and brush applied
  • High Performance two pack primers and coating, including sprayable and brush applied. Epoxies and polyurethane products for various levels of rust or protection
  • Water based elastomeric coatings both metal structures and metal cladding, including Plastisol
  • Zinc primers and coatings
  • Heat resistant primers and coatings
  • Aerosol primers and coatings for maintenance projects

Rust-Oleum 1-2-3 Maintenance Range

  • Hard Hat range - includes anti-rust and adhesion primers, zince primers and coatings, topcoats, line and spot markers, stain blocker
  • CombiColor Range - includes adhesion and anti-rust primers, topcoats
  • Single pack floor paints
  • EpoxyShield Range - single pack sealer and coating plus two pack epoxy coating, cleaner/degreaser and repair mortars
  • Asphalt coaitng and restorer
  • Concrete and asphalt repair products
  • Nr.1 Green Paint Stripper - methylene chloride free
  • Fillcoat waterproofing and Leakseal flexible rubber coating
  • Graffiti protection products and cleaners
  • Stencils
  • Shop primers

Rust-Oleum High Performance Range

  • Metal Primers and Coatings for all applications
  • Metal Cladding primers and coatings
  • Floor Protection range - two pack water based, solvent free and solvent based coatings, self levellers and primers, single pack floor paint
  • Roof Protection range - coatings for horizontal roof, sloping roofs, roof tile paints, metal roof coating, repair products and fungicidal cleaner
  • Exterior Walls - waterproofing coatings, anti-graffiti solutions, coating for damp walls
  • Hygiene coatings for walls and floor
  • Cleaners - cleaners, degreasers, paint stripper

Installation Services

We offer an installation service, either through ourselves or via one of our specialist approved contractors for many of the products we supply. For more details see below and please give us a call.

Preparation and Application / Installation

First Solution Online can arrange for a contractor to provide you with a quotation to apply our products if you wish. Budget quotations can be provided prior to a visit, providing you are able to give dimensions and accurate information on the current state of the floor or walls. If you would like a quotation for application please phone us or email us with your full contact details, and as much information on the project as possible. You can download data sheets, COSHH (MSDS) sheets and some general advice that will assist you in deciding the best products for your needs. Please note we do not undertake domestic applications.

Preparation Only for Flooring Projects

For flooring projects of 400 square metres or greater First Solution Online can arrange for a "preparation only" contractor to prepare the floor prior to you applying our coatings yourselves. Preparation is the difficult part of floor coating projects so for mid to large projects this can be a very cost effective option.