Fibreglass/GRP Open Mesh Grating - Standard Duty


  • Fibreglass/GRP Open Mesh Grating - Standard Duty - ideal for Walkways, Bridges, Platform Decking, Bund Decking, Flooring, Ramps, Work Stations, Assembly Lines, Wash Bays, etc.
  • 38mm thick with 38mm x 38mm mesh pitch
  • Exceptional slip resistance - durable angular quartz grit surface to provide an effective anti-slip finish
  • Superior corrosion resistance. Proven to out perform conventional galvanised gratings.
  • Fire resistant - Class 1 rating (BS 476)
  • High strength to weight ratio, high strength for bi-directional spanning - Thermally and dimensionally stable
  • Low maintenance, impact resistant
  • Non-sparking, non-conductive
  • Easy to Install - Requires only a jig saw or angle grinder
  • Colours: green, grey or yellow
  • Sizes: 1,987mm x 997mm, 3,012mm x 997mm, 3,660mm x 1,220mm - free cut to size
  • Light Duty or Heavy Duty options available
  • Ramp edge available