​FS PermaLine Line Marking Tape


  • A very hard wearing line marking tape - ideal for warehouse aisle markings and anywhere lines are required on a dry and smooth substrate. Helps to achieve 5S standard.
  • The most durable line marking tape available, made from 1mm thick PVC
  • Chamfered edges with adhesive edge to edge to reduce any edge lifting. Mildly slip deterrent finish. High performance self adhesive backing gives excellent adhesion
  • Quick and simple to apply - peel off the backing tape and apply. No downtime!
  • Easy to clean
  • Performs down to -45 degrees C
  • Available in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm widths x 30m long
  • 8 single colours, inc a fluorescent yellow
  • 2 hazard colours - yellow/black and red/white