FS Epoxy Coating - Epoxy Floor Paint


  • FS Epoxy Coating is a very hard wearing epoxy floor paint
  • Two pack, 100% solvent free epoxy paint with very low odour
  • Suitable for use in engineering, warehouses, food production, distribution, auto workshops, etc, etc.
  • Hard wearing gloss finish with excellent resistance to oils, coolants, cleaning fluids and mild chemicals.
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Available in 15 standard colours
  • Aggregates of various grades can be added for slip resistance. Also see our FS Epoxy Coating Anti-slip
  • A fast curing option is available if you wish to apply two coats in a day. See FS Epoxy Floor Coating - Fast Cure
  • Can be applied to bare concrete, floors previously painted with a well adhered epoxy coating, sand and cement screeds.
  • Priming: For many uses no primer is necessary although using FS Epoxy Primer may extend life of floor. For new concrete FS DPM Primer will be required. For sand and cement screeds prime with FS Epoxy Primer and allow for reduced coverage due to the porosity of the screed. FS Epoxy Sealer can be used for first coat to save cost or for relatively new concrete. If you are unsure if a primer is necessary call us.
  • Sizes available: 5kg, 2.5kg units. Note: For large areas 10kg units are also available. Phone for details.
  • Typical coverage for 5kg unit: 20 - 25 square metres per coat subject to density, smoothness of substrate and application process.
  • Two coats generally recommended, unless applying over existing epoxy coatings
  • See data sheet for full instructions
  • Installation service available for larger projects
  • Discounts available for larger quantities. Phone for quotation.